Looking for roommates in Michigan

If you’re interested leave me a message.

No older than 25 please. I am looking for 4 people to rent out a house with. Rent won’t be more than 300 a month and we will split utilities and internet/cable. I don’t care if you have a job or a car as long as you pay your rent on time. I’m looking for people who aren’t in a rush to move because it takes some time to find a house we all like but I do want to be moved out before october. I am looking for homes in the garden city/ westland area ONLY.

Kota koti couldn’t be that bad

She’s still getting work in japan so I assume she’s nice and ok looking in real life.

iIf she was really so bad why is she still in japan modeling?its been like 2 years now…

My first kiss.

It was oslo, norway at my families inn. It was mid november and everything was covered in snow, the small homes in town were already trimmed with christmas decorations. Many people came in and out of our inn all year round because of that I rarely remember our customers, but today all of that would change. A young man, whom looked no older than 25 came to our inn. I was mesmerized by him; he stood at 6,1 with golden blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin and red blushed cheeks. At the time, I was only 12 and I had never been attracted to anyone , he made me feel things I had never felt before; my face felt flushed, my plams became sweaty and my heart was beating faster than it ever had before. “Who is this man?” I thought as I admired him from a far as he carried his bags up to the 3rd floor. All night I had been following him and watching his every move, around 12 am he went outside to have a smoke, it was cold but I eagerly followed him outside. He turned around and softly said “why have you been following me all night kid?its pretty weird” I was frozen and couldn’t reply. He stared at me for a few Minutes like a sneaky cat who new I was hiding a secret ” how old are you?” He said, “hum… 12. How old are you?” I said nervously. I’m 22” he replied then he grabbed me by the waist and kissed my cheek. That was my first kiss.

I wonder if a truly good person exists. Sometimes, I feel like people are only pretending to be nice for their own personal gain. When I think of nice, I think of a person whom would open up their home to a stranger, give a teen mom direction and guidance but that is not what the average person would do. What people perceive as nice is just someone having the common sense not to be a complete jack ass. I do not think just because you smile and open the door for others you are nice, that is just being polite.

i need an invite to jpopsuki

help me out pleaseeee

Any michigan photographers out there in tumblr land?

Im willing to pay money for your assistance. We can discuss how much I will be paying you. If you know things about cute and Japanese culture then that would be a plus.

If you’re interested message me.