One of the reasons white girls are not usually succesful idols

These are nice girls but ive noticed a lot of them are very honest and try to talk about “negative” topics on their blog.

which makes it easy for people who dislike them to dig up stuff on them and get them fired. These girls have a western mindset which makes them feel its ok to say whats on your mind or discuss politics.

On public blogs Japanese idols pretty much act like perfect angels with no problems and that’s what the Japanese want.

Its that time of year again

Its youmacon time! pm me if you’re going this year id love to organize some kind of tumblr meet up. I will discuss the details in pm. all ages are welcome. Id also like to organize a schoolgirl great, wear your favorite school girl uniform and we will meet up as a group..

Anonymous said: The only thing that can hurt her career in Japan is if she ever starts to look older. No one cares about her personality in Japan as long as she keeps living up to their little girl fetish.

Yeah, they need to understand that no company is going to care about

some dumb stuff she did on the internet at like 14.

I feel bad for the girls on pretty ugly little liars

They sit around  praying for kota kotis career to be over.

and it just never happens. She just keeps getting jobs in japan and no matter how many times they email companies who employ her, trying to expose her,

they’re just ignored. Its sad.

Who’s going to youmacon this year?

Message me and maybe we can meet up.
This is my first one :p